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  • SDI Shade Modification Material
  • Sold By: DC Dental
  • Ships from: Maryland

SDI Shade Modification Material

Our Price : $15.00 - $147.00  $18.00 - $171.00

SDI’s Tints and Masking Agents simulate a life like, natural tooth. The natural tooth color is derived from the color saturated dentin in conjunction with light penetrating the translucent enamel and undergoing reflection, transmission and absorption. The SDI Shade Modification system simply and quickly achieves optimum esthetics with paint on, single component, light cured liquid Tints and Masking Agents.

Low Viscosity

The ideal low viscosity allows for quick, easy and direct paint on application. The low viscosity resin eliminates the appearance of brush strokes and micron thin layers permit fine veneers.

Direct Application

  • The SDI Shade Modification system’s syringe and bent tip delivery system facilitates controlled direct extrusion for faster procedures.

Masking Agents

  • SDI Masking Agents hide enamel anomalies and discolorations to achieve natural looking restorations.

Multiple Uses

  • Nine Tints and four Masking Agents ensure life like restorations are possible for even the most difficult restorative situations.

Shade Modification Kit includes: 9 x 1g Tints: Blue, Yellow, Clear, Red, White, Orange, Grey, Brown, Green, 4 x 1g Masking Agents: Grey, Universal, White, Dark Yellow & accessories

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Item # Type Shade Size Price Quantity
836-7900000 Modification Kit Assorted Kit $171.43
836-7970202 Masking Agent Universal 1 gm $17.67
836-7970404 Masking Agent Dark Yellow 1 gm $17.67
836-7975252 Masking Agent White 1 gm $17.67
836-7981414 Shade Tint Yellow 1 gm $17.67
836-7982424 Shade Tint Grey 1 gm $17.67
836-7983333 Shade Tint Brown 1 gm $17.67
836-7985252 Shade Tint White 1 gm $17.67
836-7985353 Shade Tint Blue 1 gm $17.67
836-7985454 Shade Tint Clear 1 gm $17.67
836-7985656 Shade Tint Orange 1 gm $17.67
836-7985757 Shade Tint Red 1 gm $17.67

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  • Expired or short dated products
  • Items that cannot be returned to the manufacturer
  • Any items marked “Special Order”
  • Local anesthetics

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